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Since I post infrequently, as I am obsessive about revising, I have decided to create this page to alert anyone visiting my site where the latest posts are posited and when they were written, so no one has to waste time looking around for them.


This is a series of posts about cards from the major arcana

Le Fou

February 21, 2020: “The Fool as Hero” is a discussion of the Fool in fairytale and tarot and why we find him so compelling.

March 01, 2020: “The Fool” is a discussion of the Waite-Smith Fool and his connection to astrology.

August 23, 2020  “The Rose and the Philosopher’s Stone” is the third post under the Majors header Le Fou subheading. This is a post concerning the white rose in the Waite-Smith Fool’s left hand and its alchemical significance

Le Bateleur

May 30, 2020  “Le Bateleur” under the Majors header, an introductory post featuring Jean Noblet’s Bateleur.


This is a series of posts dealing with the Minor Arcana which has never been, in my opinion, sufficiently explored.

November 28, 2020  “Etteilla, Quaternities, and the Four Suits of the Minor Arcana” under the new category “Suits.” This is the first of a series of posts exploring how the four suits of the Minor Arcana came to be associated with the four elements of Classical Western Philosophy (Fire, Air, Earth, Water) and other quaternities.

November 29, 2020  “Paracelsus’ Elementals and the Suit of Swords in Waite-Smith and the Brian Williams Renaissance Tarot” is the second post in my series on the suits and their connection with the four elements.

The Trackless Way

“The Trackless Way” is another series of posts dealing primarily with the Minor Arcana of the Tarot de Marseille

December 21, 2019: Introduction to the Trackless Way

December 26, 2019: “The Gordian Knot” Is there any ultimate meaning in the cards of the Minor Arcana, or are we fooling ourselves?

December 29, 2019: “Two Kinds of Thinking” The fourfold structure in the human psyche, linear thinking as opposed to symbolic thinking or dream thinking, which led men to crawl into caves and paint the walls with sacred images.

January 30, 2020: “Dragon Smoke” A critical look at the Waite-Smith tarot in general and the suit of Swords in particular.


A collection of posts addressing the underlying assumptions in my thinking and writing.

April 14, 2021  “What is the Tarot de Marseille” A very brief overview of what is meant by the designation Tarot de Marseille.

April 25, 2020  “Why the Tarot de Marseille” In this post, I contrast the collective nature of the Tarot de Marseille with the rational construction of the Waite-Smith tarot.

November 02, 2020  “Vitruvian Man; or The Problem with Universals” This is a post that does not directly have anything to do with Tarot but is building toward an understanding of ideals leading to an explanation of the hierarchy of the court cards.

May 01, 2021  “A Tale of Two Trees” is a post concerning our need to find patterns in the world around us.


October 03, 2020 “Preface” The scientific mind versus the mystical. Are there patterns for us to find, or are we fooling ourselves.

October 04, 2020  “Continuities,” the first post under the header Journeys introducing how to read the cards in an open spread.


March 09, 2021  “It’s a Bit Complicated, But I Have Trouble Understanding Why… Part I” A spread I found on Reddit from someone asking for help with an interpretation.

May 10, 2021  Starting a Subreddit I drew a Tarot de Marseille spread when I was thinking of starting a subreddit. In hindsight, the cards kind of predicted that it would not last.


Paul Marteau Tarot

January 10, 2021 “Ancien Tarot de Marseille” the Grimaud recreation of the Paul Marteau Tarot major arcana uploaded.

January 11, 2021  “Art and Artifice” In this post I examine one of the innovations Marteau makes and discuss the reasoning he gives for making it.

Jodorowsky-Camoin TdM

April 02, 2021 Jodorowsky-Camoin TdM major arcana uploaded

April 02, 2021  “Introduction: The Search for an Authentic TdM,” which quotes extensively from Jodorowsky’s book The Way of Tarot in order to state the goals Jodorowsky set for his deck prior to my examining the cards in future posts.

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